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Golf Guidelines

  • Let faster groups through.
  • Don’t tee off until the group ahead has left the green and are on the next tee
  • No buggies on greens.
  • Repair divots.
  • Preferred lie on fairways (one club length)


  • Wildlife can be hazardous, do not approach.
  • Consider the safety of every shot you play and every swing you make.
  • Players are liable for damage or injury caused by their play or conduct.
  • Are you ALLERGIC??? We have active bees on the course.
  • We recommend golfers wear enclosed footwear.


We permit the responsible use of alcohol on the course and the grassed area near the kiosk. We are open to the general public therefore language and behaviour should be appropriate. Eskies are not permitted on the course and consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the car park. Plan ahead and organize a taxi or a designated driver.


Persons becoming intoxicated, and or being noisy and causing a disturbance to others will be asked to leave.
Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated .
These guidelines are for the safety and enjoyment of all.